Nakoma Trail System

The Nakoma trail system provides abundant opportunities for exercise, solitude, incredible views, wildlife viewing, fishing and picnicking. Comprised of 11 trails covering 6.3 miles, it provides access to the wild and scenic Middle Fork of the Feather River. Several trails lead to beautiful vistas which overlook the community and other trails make the Plumas National Forest easily accessible. The system also features an Interpretive Trail where 27 native trees and plants are identified. Constructed primarily on common area owned by the Homeowner’s Association, most trails can be reached from within the development. All trails are identified at access points and trail direction signs are provided where necessary.

Individual Trail Summaries

VILLAGE TRAIL – A short, leisurely path that winds through the Village connecting the Lodge and Clubhouse. This 0.3 mile trail travels along Statue Pond, Nakoma Creek and the soon-to-be built Altitude Recreational Center. Watch for traffic as this trail requires crossing County Road A-15 and Great Spirit.

LODGE CONNECTOR – This very short connector trail enables Guests staying at the Lodge to quickly access the Nakoma Trail System. After leaving the Lodge parking area you’ll spot the road Double Eagle. Follow the road up a short way to connect into the Interpretive, Dancing Bears and Cool Water Trails.

INTERPRETIVE TRAIL – This 0.6 mile trail can be accessed from either A-15 or Great Spirit. It is level as it traverses the Dragon Golf Course. The trail then makes its way upward to Great Spirit. Along the trail, 27 native trees and plants are identified. No dogs are permitted on this trail because it goes through the Golf Course.

CLOUDS REST TRAIL – This trail begins on Great Spirit where the Interpretive Trail ends. Some sections of this 0.7 mile trail are strenuous. Clouds Rest Trail provides access to three other trails: Boulder Garden, Blazing Star and Eagles Nest.

BOULDER GARDEN TRAIL – This short, moderately difficult, 0.2 mile trail takes the hiker to interesting granite outcroppings which make a wonderful setting for a picnic. The trail terminates at the intersection of Moon Shadow and Startop.

BLAZING STAR TRAIL – Strenuous at times, this 0.8 mile trail can be reached from the Clouds Rest Trail or Clouds Rest Road. The final portion of the trail travels through a heavily wooded area and ends abruptly at the National Forest boundary. There are no views from this trail, but plenty of quiet and solitude.

EAGLES NEST TRAIL – This trail provides a great view of peaks to the west and the Portola area. It can be accessed from several points: the terminus of the Clouds Rest Trail and on the Eagles Nest loop. It is fairly short at 0.4 miles but moderately difficult with one steep stretch.

COOL WATER TRAIL – Beginning on the north side of A-15, this easy 0.4 mile trail crosses Deer Trail (road) as it heads toward the Plumas National Forest. Once at the boundary, hikers may wish to make their way down to the Middle Fork of the Feather River.

DANCING BEARS TRAIL – The longest in the system at 1.8 miles, this trail provides a great view of the community. Generally, it’s an easy trail with some elevation gain at the end. The trail can be accessed at both Dancing Bears gates and north of A-15 across from the Interpretive Trail.

DEER TRAIL RIVER ACCESS – This trail is the quickest way to the Feather River. From Deer Trail it’s a short 0.1 mile to the Union Pacific Railroad tracks where the trail ends. It’s more fun going down than up! Proceed at your own risk along the tracks in either direction to the river.

FALLING WATER RIVER ACCESS – The most strenuous trail in the system, Falling Water holds the most promise for experiencing the Feather River. After a short hike and lots of switchbacks, hikers can proceed parallel to the river for 0.8 miles. There are several branches which lead to the river for fishing, picnicking and enjoyment of this delightful area.

PAINT BRUSH TRAIL – This short trail begins between Paint Brush and Emerald Point and ends at the National Forest boundary. Pick up several deer trails to hike westerly for scenic views of the Feather River.

SUNBURST TRAIL – Located in the same general area as the Paint Brush Trail, this level trail of 0.3 miles ends at the National Forest boundary. Hikers can follow deer trails and/or the stream bed to the Feather River (approximately 0.5 miles more).

BONUS HIKE – Another access to the river is through the staging area beyond the easterly extension of Deer Trail (road). There is a logging/Forest Service road with a chain across it. Stay to the right as you pass the chain. Then take several branches to different parts of the river. This is a level hike of about one mile. Excellent fishing/picnicking opportunities.

NAKOMA: Hiking Trail Information

Trail DOs & DONTs


  1. Hike at your own risk.
  2. Stay on the trails while you are within the development.
  3. Park as far off the road as possible if you drive to trailheads.
  4. Respect the privacy of adjacent property owners and golfers.
  5. Be very careful in the golf course areas. Golfers are not looking for you, they are concentrating on their game. Getting hit by a golf ball can result in serious injury.
  6. Keep your dog on leash and pick up droppings.
  7. Remember that you share this beautiful area with a variety of wildlife and they were here first.
  8. Take water and snacks with you.
  9. Report trail damage and direct trail questions and comments to the resort front desk at 877-462-5662.
  10. Enjoy!


  1. Ride bicycles on trails.
  2. Take dogs on the Golf Course or Interpretive Trail.
  3. Litter.