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“Golf architect Robin Nelson has fashioned a course that, like all great courses from St. Andrews to Pebble Beach, seems to emerge from the very earth it inhabits. There are no artificial quirks, there is only harmony.”

– Fairways & Greens Magazine

“Every shot has thought appeal. That’s because the Dragon – set as it is on the side of a mountain – curves, swerves, climbs and drops at every turn. The views are fabulous.”

– Golf Magazine

“It is rare that fairy tale-like imagery can be used to describe a destination golf and recreation resort, but it most appropriately describes what is happening at Nakoma outside the Graeagle, CA area of the High Sierra.”

– Golf the High Sierra Magazine

“The Dragon at Nakoma sets a new standard for Sierra golf.”

– Fairways & Greens Magazine

“Eighteen holes of the Dragon are each championship in the truest sense of the word, with not a one to be taken for granted. Narrow fairways, strategically placed bunkers, rock outcroppings, streams, ravines and other carryovers provided just some of the drama awaiting each and every golfer over this meadows and forest course.”

– Golf Today

“The course captures the rugged terrain with intriguing uphill and downhill shots. The large fairways give the golf course a bold and in many ways a very intimidating look. The shape and challenge of the course are summed up in its name – the Dragon.”

– Golf Course News

“Shhh! Please don’t tell the neighbors. There’s a secret in Plumas County. The Dragon is awesome – the only course where most of the scenery is below most of the golf. In the meantime, hush.”

– Golf Getaways

“Sometimes you have to venture off the beaten path to strike gold. Such is the case for golfers traveling to Graeagle, Calif., but the effort is well worth it. There’s definitely gold in the hills surrounding the Dragon at Nakoma.”

– Links Magazine

“When I first visited Nakoma, it was very clear to me that this was a magical place. The trees, the little creeks, the vistas, and the plateaus and valleys all seemed to line up to create as close to the perfect golf course as one could ever hope to find. The Dragon is one of those rare courses where little needed to be done to create it. Nature had played golf course architect long ago, and it was up to me to find each hole and bring them to life. Just as it is up to you, the golfer, to find the best path from each tee to each hole. Every hole has elements of a thinking man’s game, and it is up to the golfer to solve the riddles.”

– Robin Nelson, Golf Architect of the Dragon