Skiing Lake Davis

March 30, 2018

The late arrival of snow this year has brought many blessings to the Lost Sierra. An added bonus is warm weather cross-country skiing. There’s nothing like experiencing the beauty of winter white in a short sleeved T-shirt.

I was able to sneak up to Lake Davis for a short ski this morning. I chose to ski on the snow packed by snowmobilers rather than mess with the inconsistent conditions that I found in the untrammeled snow. A couple silly spills made that decision easy. I headed up the road on the west side of the lake and then took a right and skied out to the end of the Old Camp Five peninsula. There was plenty of snow on the road where the snowmobilers had packed it, but the edges of the lake were exposed beach. Despite the cold water, my trusty canine companion just had to take a dip. I was not tempted.

As I passed the old snag on the way back, I was wishing I could hear the stories it could tell. It looks like it has seen some pretty severe weather over the decades.

With Smith Peak guiding the way, I headed back to the car with a sense of complete well-being and satisfaction. These springtime cross-country ski days always feel like a bonus to me. I love winter and enjoy all the outdoor activities associated with it despite the cold. But skiing in warm weather just feels decadent — like the whipped cream on top of the chocolate sundae!

I suspect the snow will last another couple weeks, so grab your skis and enjoy a little summer skiing.