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Intriguing, captivating and timeless, the teepee-inspired clubhouse design was conceived in 1923 by the enduringly brilliant Frank Lloyd Wright and built in the heart of the Lost Sierra in 2001. Wright’s exquisite design includes the distinctive façade that houses a towering four-sided fireplace and the soaring ceiling with stained glass windows and decorative friezes of abstract Indian motifs. Picture windows on three sides of the octagonal room pull in the grandness of the Sierra from without to become the world within. The Nakoma Clubhouse effectively distills the essence of a career that stretched from the late 1880’s to Wright’s death at age 91, in 1959.

Wright’s spirit lives on at Nakoma, inspiring the mountain-modern Lodge and the new Altitude Recreation Center. The interplay of natural wood and stone interiors with generously apportioned windows creates an atmosphere of harmony between natural and man-made amenities that is sure to make your stay both memorable and delightful.

wright then.

One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s many stunning accomplishments was his revolutionary vision and the term he coined to describe the landscape of the United States including city planning and the architecture of buildings. He coined “Usonia” to describe his vision and his design of Nakoma in place of “American.” Quite simply, it meant a building with a New World character of the American landscape as distinct and free of previous architectural conventions as was humanly possible.

Being Frank
right now.

Wright’s vision for Nakoma wasn’t realized until the late 1990’s, when the original owners purchased the plan from Wright’s Taliesin architects. As the centerpiece of their 1,280-acre property, Wright’s masterpiece debuted in 2001. The residential offerings, also designed by Taliesin, soon followed, along with the Robin Nelson-designed Dragon Golf Course. Today, the stunning architectural creation sits majestically upon the brow of a hill in the heart of the Lost Sierra, certainly a more elevated and inspiring setting than originally envisioned.


Coming soon are the sounds of serves & returns, baskets being made and net calls being disputed when we unveil new tennis, basketball, volleyball and pickleball courts. Ideally placed in the activity corridor of the community, the courts will be located next to the golf practice facilities and bocce ball courts.


The notion of manufactured homes at one time conjured images of uninspired architecture and lack of flexibility in home design. As with so many ideas, the passage of time and the application of visionary thinking has transformed a rudimentary idea into an exquisite application in today’s modern world.

Nakoma’s Ascend Residences epitomize this transformation. These luxe modular homes offer a range of living space and floor plan options with stunning architectural flourishes designed to embrace Nakoma’s mountain lifestyle. Fully furnished models of each of the three floor plans are available now.


While the breathtaking mountain vistas remain its signature feature, the playability and enjoyment of our legendary Dragon Golf Course continues to evolve. The last few years have seen improvements that make the course more approachable for golfers of every skill level and handicap. We have removed some bunkers and reshaped others; fairways are wider, and greens are running at optimal speeds. For those who tangled with the infamous #12 green, good news — it’s a thing of the past.

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There’s always something happening at Nakoma, whether it’s live music on the Sky Deck or in the Wigwam Dining Room, a wine tasting on the patio or a golf tournament you won’t want to miss. Let us make your stay a little more special with these upcoming events.